Lena Donogue Art Student at SETU exhibits her work at Garter Lane Gallery, Waterford May 2022

Lena Donohoe

Artist Statement

The themes of rhythms, cycles, patterns and daily routines are explored in my artwork. An activity over summer months of growing flowers is the idea behind this project. Organic and inorganic cycles came to my attention during this activity. These flowers represent growth, inspiration, creativity and cheerfulness. They alter mood, change a place and make me aware of something greater and different.

Their movement from seed to maturity and then decay in the environment that they were growing in was observed. Also, the spiral within the flower that follows a mathematical sequence was studied and incorporated into this project. The flowers’ life cycle became part of a greater cycle, and their care became a personal routine in a cycle greater than myself. The medium worked with is mixed media where materials and ideas are merged into forms using various tools to create the artwork.

The making of the artwork could be described as a cathartic process and the artwork itself could be described as quiet, uncomplicated and fragile. Elements throughout the artwork like colour, shape, pattern, line, repetition and space were manipulated to express experiences over that summer. Materials and techniques used in the making of the artwork are mono printing, video projection, tissue paper, Fabriano paper, chicken wire, gummed tape, plaster, wire, cardboard, Styrofoam, bamboo sticks, dried sunflowers, glue, string, magnets and a frame.

Work in progress