Emily Unsworth

Emily Unsworth SETU Art Student working on here graduate show eshibition at Garter Lane Waterford 2022

Artist Statement

My artwork explores perceptions of the human form. This is investigated through abstracted concepts of skin rather than a realistic version of self. I achieve this by exploring representations of the body by depicting what skin can look like using fabric with neutral fleshy tones that inhabit real space.

Fabric becomes the manifestation of human flesh. Disembodied, carefully draped, folded, constructed and sagging against its concealed armatures. By combining readymade objects that have been altered from their original purpose, the fabric accentuates into real space but now as a new skin holding a new form.

The use of digital photos taken from these new expanded sculptures become props within their own sites of construction; this adds layers within their already layered surfaces similar to many complicated ideas of body image many of us experience today.

Work in progress

Emily Usworth SETU Visual Art Degree Show 2022